Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I die.

John Galliano F/W '09

Who wore it better?

Since this is pretty much the best feature of Us Weekly, I have decided to adopt it for my own. I shall put up pictures of multiple celebs wearing the same ensemble, and you pick which one looks better, and why. Simply put your answer in the comments. Whoo fun!
Top: Katie Lee Joel (Billy Joel's wife)
Bottom: Kristen Bell
Both wearing Jill Stuart

Who wore it better?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Clearly, I suck at outfit posts.

But I shall make my lame attempt. I couldn't find my camera today so I only have an ankles-up picture for now since I had to use my computer's camera and run away from it while it counted down from 3, which is why I look so effing unattractive. Anywhooooo...here's the outfit breakdown.
Tee - Hanes, tank (underneath) - Target, belt - Nordstrom Rack, purple skinnies - Target, shoes (not shown, but picture coming soon cuz they're AWESOME) - Goodwill, necklace - GoodwillWowwww. That was not good. I turned right as it snapped.

Slightly better, except for the fact that I look like a cow.
It is a really good thing I am not a model. And also these pictures are starting
to get super grainy. I really need to find my camera.

So there you go. It was a pretty boring clothes day, except for my shoes, and I will get a picture of those to you ASAP.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue lipstick disappointment.

So, I finally got my blue lipstick. Or so I thought. After hunting through Target and Sally Beauty Supply, I found a tube of blue lipstick. What I failed to notice is that it was a "mood lipstick" and that the color "changes with the pH of your lips." So, when I put it on, my lips turned purple. But at least they're a nice purple. And also I found a crazy cute pink headband with feathers on it. So at least that worked out. Anyway, here are the pictures of my sick and invalid self, as promised. I swear to you I'm generally more attractive than this.
whoo. my lipstick matches the feathers that appear to be sprouting out of my head.my goodness gracious, my eyebrows are in serious need of plucking.

So all in all, it was a very successful shopping trip. But I still want my goddamn blue lipstick, and I'm gonna get it. Even if I have to fork over a small fortune for the MAC version.

$ and ¢

Sorry I haven't made my blue lipstick post yet. I was going to go and get it today but I didn't have any cash and my mom had misplaced my ATM card. Then she found it, but I have a sinus infection and I wasn't feeling well enough to go. So! Tomorrow is whence it shall be posted.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a 15 under $25: Accessories Edition, since I'm all about the discount stuff.

1. Oksana Sparkle Belt - $7.49 from ModCloth.com. I know it won't be to everyone's taste, but I believe it has been established that I love sparkles and a nipped-in waist. The combination of the two is fabulous. I'm a sequin-holic.

2. Romantic Lace Gloves - $11.99 from ModCloth.com. I'm a big fan of gloves that end at the wrist, and these have lace, ruffles, and color. Fabulous things, all of them.

3. Eye Love You Shades - $11.99 from ModCloth.com. I myself have a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. They really add *pizzazz* (god, that's tacky) to any ensemble. Regular sunglasses just don't cut it compared to these.

4. Wild at Heart Necklace - $15.99 from ModCloth.com. I am also a big fan of anything with feathers. With those, some wooden beads, and some gold filigree, it's a fabulous necklace to spice up any plain tee.

5. Sew Charming Necklace - $15.99 from ModCloth.com. Ok, can you blame me with this one? It's flipping adorable. The little charms and the bow...seriously, can you blame me?
6. Victoria Clock Pin - $23.99 from ModCloth.com. This will add a schoolgirl-ish charm to any ensemble, especially a navy blazer and skinnies. Plus, it's really unusual. You're not likely to find anything else like it out there.

7. Artist Palette Watch - $23.99 from ModCloth.com. I am a complete sucker for unusual watches. I love crazy bands and faces and all that fun stuff. A boring watch = a boring person (in my humble opinion).

8. Glam Rock Leggings - $24.99 from ModCloth.com. You have to admit, these babies are way cooler than the American Apparel versions. Those are tacky and cheap and tend to look as though one's legs are covered in tin foil. This bronzey shade that is more sparkly than shiny is way cooler and way more flattering.

9. Fred cassette tote - $9.99 from FredFlare.com. Such a cute tote for school or shopping! I still have a soft spot in my heart for the days of my childhood when I listened to Mickey Mouse Christmas or Barney sing-a-long tapes. This tote just brings back happy memories. Plus, it's handy and adorable.

10. Holly Golightly sleep mask - $14 from FredFlare.com. I know it's not really an accessory, persay, but it's really cute and I've always wanted it, and you could wear it as a headband! (I probably would anyway).

11. Golden blossom dazzle ring - $16 from FredFlare.com. The perfect statement ring to add sparkle to any outfit. A simple tee and jeans goes from drab to fab with this sucker.

12. Pirate ship pendant - $18 from FredFlare.com. I love pirates. Not Pirates, like Pirates of the Caribbean, because only the first movie was good. But anyway, this necklace is super cute, and it comes in silver and gold, so whatever yer fancy is, matey!

13. Flower ball ring - $20 from FredFlare.com. Isn't this fabulous? I saw a very similar light fixture in Vogue. While that one was upwards of $2,000, this little work of art can be yours for a mere $20.

14. Dresser Johnson arrow ring - $20 from FredFlare.com. I would say this ring qualifies as "minimalist," which isn't usually my style, but it's just so fabulous and bold (and unique–each one comes with it's own original number) that I just have to love it.

15. Brown python gladiator sandals - $28 from FredFlare.com. Yeah, they're technically $3 over my self-imposed limit, but they are the perfect gladiator sandal. Brown in this style is actually more versatile than black, and in early summer, black can make one's feet look a tad pasty. Plus, the python pattern is uber-chic, made more so by the fabulous buckles.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Never fails to disappoint.

DKNY. Donna Karan New York. I don't even know what to say about this line. Year in, year out, DKNY delivers. F/W '09 is no exception.
If I had any semblance of a job, especially a job where I had to wear a suit, this would be the suit I would wear. The slouchy gray, the striped shirt underneath, the circle scarf...it's marvelous.
Straight 1940s, just the way I like it. No other way to describe it. And that hat is fantrabulous.
So cool. The green herringbone pencil skirt. The black tee. The black tights. The leather gloves. The scarf. The leopard print shoes. Throw on a blazer and it's perfect for a date or shopping.
Yummy yummy gray dress with the green top. And I can't tell if the circle scarf is velvet or fur or what, but whatever it is, I'm really feeling it. This is my dream school outfit. Perfect for a chilly January morning.
I think I've run out of adjectives to describe how much I adore this collection, so I'm just gonna end it here. God, this was a fabulous collection.


[ courtesy of foto_decadent ]

Kurt Geiger "Fashionistas" Shoes

I was scanning the Fashion Police and came across this post about Kurt Geiger's new line.

I'd never heard of Kurt Geiger before, but I went to the website with all of the shoes and fell in absolute love. They are crazy fabulous. Netting and gemstones and metallics, oh my!

Look at that fabulousness. That little sploosh of netting and those button/disc things.I. Want. These. Yellow and the discs and the netting...I love these soooooo much.
These are just architectural and the print is hella cool and I loooooove them.

If you love them as much as me, you can check out the full collection here.

Wish List

So, I constantly have a running wish list. Things I want but most likely will never buy. Here's the current rundown of what I want.
  1. ASOS Heart One Shoulder Top I want to buy this because: I love anything with hearts on it. I love Victoria Beckham even though I feel like I shouldn't. If something has a belted waist, I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it (slims my curves). I love the way the hearts are layered and creep up the shoulder. Why I won't buy it: I'm cheap. $57 (or $56.96) is considered a splurge to me. Plus there will be a ridiculously high shipping fee (I find it suspicious that they refuse to tell you only until you have "confirmed your billing address").
  2. Unisex Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh T-Shirt in Pop Purple I want to buy this because: I think it's a really cool look to have that colored mesh over a neutral tank top. It's really versatile because you can wear it in a ton of ways. It could possibly be very flattering. Why I won't buy it: I'm morally opposed to American Apparel on grounds of it's overpriced hipster-ness. Plus, two trillion girls at my school shop there, so someone's bound to have the same thing.
  3. BCBG Gage Open Toe Kitten Heel Pump in Rose Gold I want to buy this because: I love metallics. They're so shiny! Plus, that rose gold shade is gorgeous! It's the perfect kitten heel. Thick enough, the right height...it's wunderbar. And, I'm really feeling the open toe. Why I won't buy it: Again, I'm cheap. $99.99 is a lot, even if it's marked down from $198. I feel like I'm paying more for the label than for the actual design. Also, ordering shoes online is risky because they may not fit, and then you have to pay to return them and blah-de-blah. And I like to take time before I order things and there are only 2 pairs left, which puts a ticking clock on things.
  4. Trashy Paige Shoes I want to buy this because: Look at them! Polka dots, a bow, that covered heel, the shape of the heel, the peep toe. They are gorgeous and perfect and I love them. Why I won't buy it: 4 1/2 inches is pretty tall, and I already have one pair of shoes that high. It's difficult to walk in bitches like that. Then again, they are like perfect in every other way.
So, there you go. I think the list from most likely I'll buy to least likely I'll buy is 4, 2, 1, 3.

Anyway, hit you back with the blue lipstick post, part 2!

Roses are red, my lips are blue.

Okay, so that's like the worst post title ever. But yes, I'm going to buy me some blue lipstick. As I am an unashamed America's Next Top Model addict, I will admit that it was originally inspired by the photo shoot on this week's makeover episode. It was this weird concept where they had to hold weird light sticks and then "find the light." But anyway, the hair and makeup were rock inspired, and "Fo" (real name Felicia) was wearing blue lipstick. And she rocked it. So now I really want blue lipstick. I did a little Googling and I discovered that, hey! the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2008 runways showed some blue lipstick.
Here's the original photo of the picture that started it all. I could only find one in this tiny tiny size, though.You can't really see it, but she is wearing the most fabulous shade of blue lipstick. Anywho, I'm thinking about buying this MAC lipstick (or a cheaper one in that same/similar shade).
So, when I buy it, I shall post my first outfit post. Except it might not actually be an outfit post. It might just be a neck-up post. But it might be an outfit post, too. Who knows! Anyway, stay tuned for the unveiling of this wonderful purchase I am going to make.