Friday, March 13, 2009

Wish List

So, I constantly have a running wish list. Things I want but most likely will never buy. Here's the current rundown of what I want.
  1. ASOS Heart One Shoulder Top I want to buy this because: I love anything with hearts on it. I love Victoria Beckham even though I feel like I shouldn't. If something has a belted waist, I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it (slims my curves). I love the way the hearts are layered and creep up the shoulder. Why I won't buy it: I'm cheap. $57 (or $56.96) is considered a splurge to me. Plus there will be a ridiculously high shipping fee (I find it suspicious that they refuse to tell you only until you have "confirmed your billing address").
  2. Unisex Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh T-Shirt in Pop Purple I want to buy this because: I think it's a really cool look to have that colored mesh over a neutral tank top. It's really versatile because you can wear it in a ton of ways. It could possibly be very flattering. Why I won't buy it: I'm morally opposed to American Apparel on grounds of it's overpriced hipster-ness. Plus, two trillion girls at my school shop there, so someone's bound to have the same thing.
  3. BCBG Gage Open Toe Kitten Heel Pump in Rose Gold I want to buy this because: I love metallics. They're so shiny! Plus, that rose gold shade is gorgeous! It's the perfect kitten heel. Thick enough, the right's wunderbar. And, I'm really feeling the open toe. Why I won't buy it: Again, I'm cheap. $99.99 is a lot, even if it's marked down from $198. I feel like I'm paying more for the label than for the actual design. Also, ordering shoes online is risky because they may not fit, and then you have to pay to return them and blah-de-blah. And I like to take time before I order things and there are only 2 pairs left, which puts a ticking clock on things.
  4. Trashy Paige Shoes I want to buy this because: Look at them! Polka dots, a bow, that covered heel, the shape of the heel, the peep toe. They are gorgeous and perfect and I love them. Why I won't buy it: 4 1/2 inches is pretty tall, and I already have one pair of shoes that high. It's difficult to walk in bitches like that. Then again, they are like perfect in every other way.
So, there you go. I think the list from most likely I'll buy to least likely I'll buy is 4, 2, 1, 3.

Anyway, hit you back with the blue lipstick post, part 2!

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