Monday, March 16, 2009

Clearly, I suck at outfit posts.

But I shall make my lame attempt. I couldn't find my camera today so I only have an ankles-up picture for now since I had to use my computer's camera and run away from it while it counted down from 3, which is why I look so effing unattractive.'s the outfit breakdown.
Tee - Hanes, tank (underneath) - Target, belt - Nordstrom Rack, purple skinnies - Target, shoes (not shown, but picture coming soon cuz they're AWESOME) - Goodwill, necklace - GoodwillWowwww. That was not good. I turned right as it snapped.

Slightly better, except for the fact that I look like a cow.
It is a really good thing I am not a model. And also these pictures are starting
to get super grainy. I really need to find my camera.

So there you go. It was a pretty boring clothes day, except for my shoes, and I will get a picture of those to you ASAP.

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